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Netanyahu thanks Biden for UN veto of ceasefire and shipment of around 14,000 tank munitions

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuthanked the president this Sunday Joe Biden the US veto of a resolution of the United Nations Security Council who called for a ceasefire in the Strip Linkas well as the approval of the urgent shipment of around 14,000 artillery shells to Israel, which should begin arriving today.

Today another shipment will arrive, in fact it is already here, with important ammunition to continue the war. I thank President Biden, with whom I also spoke the other day about the fact that the US has positioned itself correctly and fairly in the security advice and, of course, also about the material assistance it provides to Israel Defense Forces,” Netanyahu said at the start of his meeting with his government cabinet.

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The Israeli prime minister also spoke by phone over the weekend with the leaders of France and Germany, Emmanuel Macron It is Olaf Scholzrespectively.

cannot support the elimination of Hamas on the one hand and, on the other, they pressure us to end the war“, Netanyahu told them, according to the version transmitted today to his ministers

Netanyahu insisted that the fighting in Link Continue “With all your strength” is that “justice is on our side“, given that Israel It is “united as a people and as a country, and there is no force that can stop us from doing the right thing”.

The war continues with even more strength and intensity in the north of Gaza and in the south, to achieve all its objectives: the elimination of Hamasthe return of all our kidnapped people and the promise that Gaza will never again be a threat to Israel“, to the point.

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The prime minister also promised the rapid reconstruction of communities adjacent to the Gaza stripwho were devastated by Hamas in its attack on October 7thwith investments in agriculture, education, employment, well-being and assistance to evacuees.

We are committed not only to the restoration of communities, moshavs and kibbutzim, but also to the goal of making them prosper and flourish so that future generations can overcome what has happened.“, added the prime minister.

Source: Elcomercio

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