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Russia will hold presidential elections in occupied Ukrainian territories, election commission announces

The territories occupied by Russia in the east and south of Ukraine will participate in the Russian presidential elections in March 2024, the electoral commission announced this Monday, elections in which he should be re-elected Vladimir Putin.

The committee members approved the resolution approving this agreement “unanimously“, declared one of its representatives, Nikolai Bulayevto the state news agency Tass.

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Russia has already organized several elections in these territories (Zaporijia, Kherson, Donetsk and Lugansk), which it annexed in September 2022 and which it only partially controls.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated last week that organizing elections in these regions “violates international law”.

put on71 years old, confirmed this Friday that he will seek re-election in the next elections.

The Russian head of state was elected president for the first time in 2000 and He won four presidential elections.

The new candidacy of put on It is possible thanks to a controversial constitutional reform processed in 2020.

Thanks to this change, put on He can run in 2024 and, if he wins, he could be re-elected in 2030, that is, he could remain in power until 2036, when he will turn 84 years old.

There is little doubt that will be re-electedespecially since the opposition has been dismantled.

Almost all opponents, such as the anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalnywere arrested or left Russia.

Source: Elcomercio

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