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Relatives of arrested Russian opponent Navalny say they do not know his whereabouts

Close friends of the Russian opponent Alexey Navalnywho is serving a 19-year prison sentence, said on Monday that they have been trying to contact him for almost a week in vain and that they do not know his whereabouts.

His lawyers came on Friday and then Monday to “two penal colonies in the Vladimir region [este de Moscú] where Alexey Navalny could be”, but they told them “that wasn’t there”said its spokesperson. Kira Iarmich.

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One of these arrests indicated that the opponent “no longer appears in your records”refusing to say “where he was transferred”he wrote Iarmich on social network X.

“We still don’t know where it is. Alexei”, he claimed.

The opponent did not participate in a court hearing which he was supposed to attend via videoconference, according to authorities due to an electrical problem.

They are laughing at usYes“, said the spokeswoman.

Until now Navalny was detained in the region of Vladimir. After a new sentence of 19 years in prison for “extremism”, pronounced in August, had to be transferred to a penal colony in “special diet”.

Transfers from one penal colony to another in Russia often require several weeks of train travel with multi-stage and the families of the prisoners remain without news during this period.

The colonies ofspecial diet“, that is, the establishments with the harshest detention conditions in the world. system Russian penitentiaryThey are often found in very isolated regions.

Navalnyaged 47, was arrested in January 2021 and spent almost three years in prisons with more or less detention conditions less strict.

Source: Elcomercio

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