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Hacking in Ukraine: Leading mobile operator condemns act of ‘war’

Russia is under strong suspicion. Ukraine’s first mobile operator Kyivstar has condemned Russia’s act of “war” after a massive cyber attack paralyzed its network on Tuesday and “partially destroyed” its IT infrastructure. As of September, the operator had 24 million mobile customers and more than a million home Internet customers. “Russian special services could be behind the cyber attack,” believes Kyiv, which has opened a “criminal investigation.”

Investigators are discussing facts that qualify as “high treason,” “sabotage,” and “an attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” According to the company, the attack caused a large-scale technical failure that led to the loss of mobile communications and Internet access “for part of the subscriber base.” “The most important thing is that at the moment the personal data of subscribers has not been compromised,” the company said in a statement, The Kiev Independent reports.

“This is a war that takes place not only on the battlefield, but also in the virtual space, and, unfortunately, we suffered from this war,” said the group’s general director, Alexander Komarov, on national television.

Other hacks have been reported

Another “massive” denial-of-service (DDoS) cyberattack was reported on Tuesday by Monobank, one of the largest banks in Ukraine, according to the company’s co-founder and CEO Oleg Gorokhovsky, The Kiev Independent reports.

Bank terminals of the country’s leading bank Privat were also subject to a computer attack, reports network X journalist Stefan Siohan.

Source: Le Parisien

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