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Guatemala: Giammattei says there is nothing stopping Arévalo from taking power in January

The president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammatteiassured this Tuesday that there is no “Action” that stops the opponent Bernardo Arevalo took power in January and criticized US authorities, accusing them of “interference”.

In Guatemala There is no action that can prevent elected officials from taking office.“, said the outgoing right-wing ruler in a letter published on social media.

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Letter from Giammattei “to the national and international community” was published the day after the Public Ministry delivered the Supreme Electoral Court an investigation revealed on Friday into alleged anomalies in the elections won by the social democrat Arévalo.

Prosecutors consider the elections “empty”due to alleged irregularities in voting records, among other findings, although the Electoral Court has already announced that the results are“unalterable”.

The elected president, a 65-year-old sociologist, denounced that the Public Ministry’s action is part of a “coup d’etat” underway to prevent him from taking command on January 14 for his promise to fight the corruption.

I maintain the Government’s firm will to prevail the republican principle of alternation in power with concrete facts and actions, such as having concluded an orderly transition process“, indicated Alejandro Giammattei.

The message also occurs a day later U.S sanctioned 300 Guatemalans with visa restrictions for trying to “undermine” democracy, including one hundred deputies.

U.SO European UnionO UN and the OAS They repeatedly criticized the Guatemalan Public Prosecutor’s Office’s maneuvers against Arévalo.

I express my strong repudiation of the intimidatory actions that aim to intimidate Guatemalan citizens, which threaten national sovereignty, a fundamental element that prohibits interference in the internal affairs of a State.“, fired Giammattei.

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The outgoing president denounced “the media and the political manipulation of some members“from the US government”to the detriment of a good bilateral relationship“, then he asked the House of Representatives is for Senate of the United States that “Urge the Department of State to account for its actions toward Guatemala”.

Arévalo appeared in court this Tuesday to learn about the records of the case for which the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the disqualification of the Seed Matchingbut when he left he said that the judge Fredy Orellana He again denied her access to the judicial process.

Source: Elcomercio

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