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Ukraine: everyone agrees, except Orban

Normally, the summit, which opens this Thursday, December 14, in Brussels, would mark a big day for Ukraine: the day the country’s EU accession negotiations officially open. All European leaders are for this. Except for one thing: Viktor Orban. Since such a decision required unanimity, the Hungarian Prime Minister blocked the car. For what ? Because this populist is the last pro-Putin of the twenty-seven and is proud of it, as he recently showed by shaking hands with the aggressive master of the Kremlin. Because he regularly flouts the rules of the rule of law and is no worse off because Europe has not expelled him from the club. Because its public opinion is quite pro-Russian and tired of the war.

The rest after this announcement

Because, because… Orban himself doesn’t really know. “I asked him to give me a reason, not three, five or ten, but one reason. “I’m still waiting for an answer,” Vladimir Zelensky admitted this Wednesday. The Ukrainian president actually met with the Hungarian on Sunday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of another populist, the new Argentine President Miley. The tragedy is that Ukraine, struggling to resist Russian forces, is banking its survival on this EU decision.

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Source: Le Parisien

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