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IACHR condemns “xenophobic acts” against Venezuelan migrants in Chile

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) condemned this Tuesday the “violent and xenophobic acts” against Venezuelan migrants in the Chilean town of Iquique. He called on that country to investigate them and adopt “urgent measures” to repair the victims.

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The organization, based in Washington, expressed in a statement its concern about the eviction of migrants, mostly Venezuelans, from public spaces in Iquique, “With complaints of acts of violence and without being offered a prior solution for their relocation.”

The Commission referred, citing “public information”, to the events that occurred on September 24, when the Police evicted “massively approximately one hundred migrants” from the Plaza Brasil de Iquique, among which were families with children.

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In the note, the agency warned that “there were clashes between the police and migrants, some of whom were beaten.”

In addition, he indicated that the Police had an order to evict the migrants from the public space, not to relocate them in other places, which led to these people being “wandering with no place to go.”

According to the IACHR, a day later, on September 25, “xenophobic acts” took place in Iquique, where groups that were part of an ‘anti-migrant’ demonstration “set fire to the tents and belongings of Venezuelan migrant families, without the Police intervene to prevent it ”.

The Commission assures that it has taken note of the statements of the Vice President and Minister of the Interior of Chile, Rodrigo Delgado, in which he repudiated the xenophobic acts in Iquique, and of the announcement, on September 29, by the Government on the adoption of new humanitarian measures for migrants.

However, it indicated that it is monitoring various “facts and acts of stigmatization and discrimination to the detriment of Venezuelans in different countries of the region, among them, Chile”.

In this context, he urged that country to “continue adopting measures to prevent and eliminate xenophobic practices” and to act with “due diligence to prevent human rights violations, investigate and punish those responsible, and make reparation to the victims.”

Regarding the treatment of Venezuelan migrants, he called on the States of the American continent “to implement positive measures such as educational and awareness campaigns aimed at promoting multicultural societies, in order to prevent and eradicate discrimination and xenophobia.”

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