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Borrell on the war in Gaza: “The solution has to be imposed from outside”

The high representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrelldefended this Wednesday that the conflict between Israel It is Hamas I need an answer “tax from outside”that can come from U.S, Europe or Arab countries.

“The two sides will never be able to reach an agreement. Peace can only be achieved in a lasting way if the international community becomes dramatically involved in its achievement and imposes a solution,” he said. he claimed Borrell during an event in Lisbon, where he warned that if it is not resolved “brief“the conflict, “all Middle East “It will be engulfed in flames.”

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He insisted that the solution to this war, discarding exile or the elimination of one of the parties, is in the recognition of two state in the same territory, although he recognized the difficulty of the task when the Islamic group Hamas and the Israeli government are against this measure.

“We know there is light on the other side of the tunnel, but we don’t know where the light is. tunnel and we have to identify where the tunnel is so we can see the light and to reachhe clarified.

He also remembered the “excessive number of civilian casualties in Linkdependent on aid “Enough with dropper”, and how this fightis sowing the roots of hate”.

Given this situation, he stated that the European Union You have to analyze your skill when it comes to “act collectively”, influence the actors it’s fromconstruct a narrative that legitimizesyour view of the world.

Along these lines, he asked the state member unify its position at the international level in relation to this conflict, since having different opinions on how to approach it weakens the bloc’s role vis-à-vis the outside world.

According to your numbers, the HUH is the first aid donor Palestine and without that, “O Palestinian authority I would suffocate to death economically and, at the same time, is the first commercial partner of Israel.

“But we don’t use these two levers, we don’t even dare we don’t want to use themhe commented.

Later, asked at a press conference about the possibility of the European Union applying sanctions to Israel, Borrell He claimed not to bea futurologist”but acknowledged that“difficultly” all member states will accept a single measure that has not even been proposed.

On the other hand, they announced that they will present to the ambassadors a proposal for sanctions against colonists who act “violently against Palestinians” in the occupied territory of West Bank.

“When there is a specific proposal on the table to sanction, it is not the State of Israelbut for specific people (…), we will see whether the necessary unanimity is achieved or not” he added.

The war between Israel It is Hamas broke out on October 7, when the Islamic group launched a surprise attack on Israeli soil that caused 1,400 deaths and more than 200 kidnapped which was taken to the Gaza stripthat controls.

More than 22 thousand Palestinians died for the attacks launched in retaliation by Israel in Linkaccording to Gaza authorities.

Source: Elcomercio

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