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The United States completely stops its aid to Ukraine due to lack of resources

The White House stated this Thursday that the military aid that U.S has provided Ukraine “completely stopped” due to the lack of an agreement in Congress to continue supporting that country in confronting the Russian invasion. “The aid we provided until now has completely stopped,” said John Kirby, a White House spokesman, at a press conference.

The future of aid U.S for Ukraine The decision is being decided right now in Congress, where Democrats control the Senate and Republicans control the Lower House.

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The American president, Joe Bidenof the Democratic Party, asked Congress to approve an additional $61 billion in aid to Ukrainebut the Republican opposition said that He will only approve this new aid package if Democrats agree to implement a series of measures on the border between the United States and Mexico.

In this situation, Kirby He took advantage of this Thursday’s press conference to once again urge Republicans to approve aid for Ukraineespecially after US intelligence concluded that Russia has used North Korean ballistic missiles in some of its latest attacks on Ukraine.

“The attacks that the Russians are carrying out are only increasing. And now they are using North Korean ballistic missiles to carry out these attacksKirby emphasized.

According to Kirby, Russia fired at least one of these ballistic missiles at Ukraine on December 30, 2023. and also launched “multiple” North Korean ballistic missiles on January 2 of this year, as part of another attack on Ukrainian infrastructure.

These missiles were part of the missile and drone bombings that Russia carried out against Ukraine in the last days of 2023 and at the beginning of this year, in what was the biggest attack since the start of the war, in February 2022.

The United States, the largest provider of military aid to the Ukrainehas given that country $44.2 billion in military aid to Kiev since the start of the war, according to State Department data.

Source: Elcomercio

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