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The European Union sanctions six individuals who finance Hamas

O European Union sanctioned this Friday six individuals who finance the Palestinian Islamic group Hamaswhich European countries consider a terrorist organization.

Among those sanctioned is a member of the own organization which is part of its investment office, as well as a Sudanese financier who manages companies in the investment portfolio of Hamas.

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O HUH also sanctioned a Jordanian individual, based on Algeriawho has helped manage the company’s investment portfolio Hamas abroad.

It also included three Lebanese people – the owner and a member of the organization Shuman to SARL Currency Exchangewho helped launder and transfer tens of millions of dollars to Hamas-, as well as another natural person who collaborates with the entity.

Sanctions imply the freezing of goods and assets they possess in HUHas well as a ban on entry into community territory.

O Twenty-seven approved these new restrictive measures in the same week that they sanctioned the political leader of Hamas, Yahya Sinwarwhich also froze its assets in European entities, while banning other operators from the HUH can finance you.

Source: Elcomercio

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