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Scotland: Asked how she was handling the Covid pandemic, former Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon moved

Former Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon appeared emotional during Wednesday’s hearing at the public inquiry into the handling of the Covid pandemic, explaining that she felt “overwhelmed” by the scale of the situation.

“I was prime minister when the epidemic broke out. A big part of me wishes I hadn’t, but I was and wanted to be the best public leader I could be,” she said, her lip trembling and wiping away tears. “Others must judge whether I have succeeded,” added the former Scottish Independence Party leader.

Nicola Sturgeon also explained that she was “shocked” by the severity of the situation at the start of the pandemic. “Perhaps more than anything, I felt a huge responsibility to do the best I could,” she added.

Video. Scotland: Surprising resignation of pro-independence Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon resigned from her post a year ago, to everyone’s surprise. She said she lacked energy after being head of the Scottish Government for nine years.

Deleted messages

Local authorities are responsible for, among other things, health care in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity soared as she gave daily briefings on the pandemic, contrasting with the improvisational impression given by the government in London.

Nicola Sturgeon has admitted deleting WhatsApp messages sent and received during the pandemic but said her use of the app for government purposes was “extremely limited”.

In December, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was questioned as part of a public inquiry into why he failed to provide nearly 5,000 WhatsApp messages sent between late January and June 2020. He then claimed that the app “somehow” automatically deleted them. .

Source: Le Parisien

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