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Democratic primaries begin in South Carolina with Biden certain victory

Democratic primaries begin in South Carolina with Biden certain victory

Democratic primaries begin in South Carolina with Biden certain victory

The Democratic primaries in South Carolina began this Saturday with the opening of voting centers at 7:00 am local time (12:00 GMT), a meeting for which the North American president, Joe Bidencomes with a guaranteed victory, but with the challenge of showing that he can still mobilize the party’s base.

This is the first time that Biden He has personally faced the polls since the 2020 elections. The appointment has generated special attention due to its potential to measure the level of enthusiasm for the president, whose approval ratings are 39.8%, the lowest for a president in his third year in office since Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), according to the research company Gallup.

South Carolina is especially relevant for measuring the African-American community’s support for Bidenas it is estimated that 60% of Democratic voters in this state belong to this minority.

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Participation, a key element

According to the teacher Todd Shaw from the University of South Carolina, one of the key factors in evaluating support for Biden will be voter turnout levels, especially among the African-American community.

In the 2020 primaries, 538,263 voters went to the polls. However, the dynamics were different, because at that time Biden He was competing with several Democrats seeking the party’s nomination, and with higher stakes, voters were more motivated to participate.

Although the circumstances are different in these primaries, a low turnout could be interpreted as a bad sign for the campaign. BidenShaw noted.

In any case, Biden could be declared the winner South Carolina few minutes after polling stations close at 7pm local time (0000 GMT on Sunday), given the notable advantage it has over its rivals.

According to the most recent Democratic primary poll, released by Emerson College in early January, Biden leads voting intentions with a solid 69%, significantly outperforming his two main candidates: Minnesota congressman, Dean Phillips (5%), and author of self-help books Marianne Williamson (3%).

This study also reveals that 22% of voters are undecidedwithout having decided on their preference or even whether they will participate in the vote.

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First Democratic nomination

On the initiative of Bidenthe Democratic Party changed its primary calendar last year, sweeping Iowa It is New Hampshire first positions they held since 1972, and granting this honor to South Carolina.

This modification had two objectives: to reaffirm the loyalty of Biden to the state that revived its candidacy in 2020, after coming in fourth place Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire during the democratic primaries; and regain the support of African-American voters, which will be crucial in an eventual battle with donald trumpfavorite to be the Republican candidate.

However, despite being the initial state, the influence of South Carolina It’s relative. In the primaries, only 55 delegates will be assigned out of the almost 2,000 needed to Biden officially proclaims himself as the Democratic candidate.

What is more, South Carolina is not at stake in the November elections, as it is considered a conservative state that has not voted for the Democratic presidential candidate since 1976 with Deposit.

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