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Israeli attacks cause at least 164 deaths and 200 injuries in Gaza in the last 24 hours

Around 164 people were killed and another 200 were injured in Israeli attacks in various parts of the country. Link in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health of the enclave, controlled by the Islamic group, reported this Monday. Hamas.

The Israeli occupation committed 19 massacres against families in Gaza stripleaving 164 dead and 200 injured in the last 24 hours”Health said in a statement.

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Since the start of the war on October 7, the total number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli offensive in Link There are 28,340, and the the injured number close to 68,000.

According to Health, around 67 deaths reached hospitals in Rafa in the last few hours, after a morning of heavy bombing in the city, where more than 1.4 million Palestinians, the majority internally displaced.

Israel accelerates its attacks in the area ahead of a possible imminent ground offensive on the city, in the far south of Link and just point out where Israeli troops have not yet had access by land since the beginning of their land invasion on October 27th.

According to Hamas and Palestinian sources cited by the official Wafa news agency, those killed in Rafa Last night there would be more than a hundred.

According to Wafa, the intense barrage of bombings in Rafa -according to the press there were between forty and fifty air strikes- they were in part directed at houses and mosques that welcomed displaced people, “along with intense artillery” and naval bombardment.

Among the deceased were children and women, and part of the attacks occurred in the city center, against inhabited residences in front of the headquarters in Rafa of the emergency teams Red Crescent.

Many injured were taken to medical centers such as Kuwait Hospitalwhere “There are not enough medicines or serums” to treat injuries.

For days, the international community and important actors such as the UN, USA any Egypt They pressure Israel not to attack by land Rafa due to the large number of civilians in the city, which also borders the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

Source: Elcomercio

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