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“We must release women six hours after giving birth”: in Rafah, a maternity hospital in the hell of war

We had to follow the road to Cairo, passing through numerous checkpoints. On the night of January 20, Dr. Zuhair Lana stepped into “another world,” the Gaza Strip. For more than three weeks, the French-Moroccan obstetric surgeon, who works at the Lilas maternity ward in Seine-Saint-Denis, has been treating women in Rafah, south of the Palestinian enclave where no one goes in or out. This experienced humanitarian, who is on a mission with the Palestinian doctors’ association PalMed, admits that he has never plunged into such “hell.”

The Israeli army freed two Israeli hostages in Rafah on Monday after bombs rained down on the city where more than 1 million Gazans had gathered. International pressure for a truce agreement between Israel and Hamas, including a new release of hostages, increased on Tuesday following Israel’s announcement of an upcoming offensive on Rafah. In between network outages and constant calls from colleagues, an obstetrician from the maternity ward talks about how he cares for mothers and babies. Nevertheless.

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Source: Le Parisien

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