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US delay in approving aid to Kiev is already having consequences, warns NATO

The secretary general of NATOJens Stoltenberg, stated this Thursday that the US Congress’ delay in approving a new million-dollar aid package for Ukraine It is already having consequences for the development of the conflict.

“We already see the impact of the United States not being able to make a decision, but I hope that the United States is able to make a decision, that Congress and the House of Representatives agree to continue to support Ukraine.”declared the Norwegian politician upon his arrival at the meeting of Alliance Defense Ministers taking place today in Brussels.

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Stoltenberg stressed that support Ukraine “it’s not charity”but “an investment in our own security”.

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He highlighted that if the president of the Russia, Vladimir Putinwin the war against Ukraine “It will not only be a tragedy for Ukrainians, but it will also be dangerous for us”. “This will make the world even more dangerous and us more vulnerable”he commented.

He recalled that on his recent visit to the U.S met with Republican and Democratic representatives and that the message in the country was in favor of maintaining support for Ukraine.

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“I count on the United States Congress to be able to reflect this support in a decision to maintain support for Ukraine”he stated.

He said that the support of allied countries for Ukraine is “a difference on the battlefield every day” and detailed that Kiev attacked a Russian warship.

Respond to Trump

Stoltenberg also spoke again about the statements made by the former US president donald trumpwho on Saturday assured that, in the event of a possible Russian attack on any of the NATO countries that do not spend 2% of GDP on defense, he would not only refuse to protect them, but also “would encourage” to Russia for “do what you want” with them.

At a summit of allied leaders in 2014, the countries of the transatlantic organization agreed to work to allocate 2% of their national gross domestic product to defense by 2024.

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The Secretary-General said that article 5 of the Alliance, which establishes the principle of collective defense according to which an attack against one member of the organization is equivalent to an attack against all of them and the response must be joint, is “the core of NATO” and apply “for all allies”.

“We know that any suggestion that we are not there to protect and defend all allies would undermine the security of all of us and would put at risk our soldiers, our people, who are on the front lines to protect the entire Alliance.”he illustrated.

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In any case, he reiterated that this year it is expected that eighteen of the thirty-one member countries of the NATO achieve the 2% target.

Regarding the possibility of the European Union having its own nuclear deterrent capability, Stoltenberg stated that NATO already has its own nuclear deterrent capability that “It worked for decades”.

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“We have agreed on command and control procedures, doctrines, and this is a joint effort by the United States and European allies, the NATO nuclear deterrent. We shouldn’t do anything to undermine that. “That would just create more uncertainty and more room for miscalculation and misunderstanding.”He explained.

Source: Elcomercio

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