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Ukrainian town of Avdiivka “in danger” of falling into Russian hands, says US

The besieged Ukrainian city of Avdiivka is at risk of falling into the hands of Russian troops, the spokesman for the US National Security Council said this Thursday. John Kirby.

Unfortunately, we are receiving reports from Ukrainians that the situation is critical; The Russians continue to put pressure on Ukrainian positions every day. Avdiivka risks falling under Russian control” declared Kirby, who called the House of Representatives approve $60 billion in aid for Kiev.

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On Wednesday, the new commander of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Oleksandr Sirskiacknowledged after a visit to the front that the situation is “extremely complex” is that Ukraine There is a lack of men and weapons to face the Russian invasion.

Since October, Russian forces have carried out massive raids and shelling to capture Avdiivka, a largely destroyed industrial city.

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The position of the Ukrainian defenders has deteriorated since January and the city’s president Vitaly Barabashrecently spoke about a situation “criticism”in some neighborhoods.

Source: Elcomercio

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