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Valencia, the Spanish city devastated by the tragedy of an infernal fire

Valence This is the coming of a Spanish city overcome by the tragedy of the infernal fire of a building that has caused, at the moment, four deceased and four missing people, where the radiant sun is unable to remove the evil omen that the fateful number will rise when the fin can enter the firemen.

Spanish firefighters today battled a huge fire that devastated a multi-storey residential block in the eastern port city of Valencia, emergency services said. (Photo by José Jordán / AFP) (JOSE JORDAN/)

The spectacular images of the fire, which in a matter of minutes spread uncontrollably in this residential complex on Thursday afternoon “avant-garde and unique”according to the promoter who sold it 17 years ago, they are still very present, as is the disbelief that something like this could have happened.

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The building, which remains stationary next to a roundabout in the Campanar neighborhood, woke up dyed black and flown over by drones, awaiting firefighters’ access to the interior, while the area is kept isolated and now The field hospital was dismantled.

Neighbors in the surrounding buildings explained that they spent the night worried about the development of the fire, which they agreed to describe as “drama”, and explained that the flames caught very quickly: in a matter of moments it became “in hell.”

One of these neighbors, Antoniotold EFE that his wife went out onto the balcony to collect hanging clothes and saw smoke in the nearby building, where flames appeared immediately, and in a matter of about ten minutes had connected everything, worsened also because of the strong wind.

He reported that he saw a resident of the affected building jump from one balcony to another, and that they watched in suspense as firefighters rescued a couple from a balcony; he considered that, despite the speed of emergency services, it has been “a drama”.

Concha, who lives opposite, told EFE that it looks like “incredible”the size of the fire, because I had never seen anything like it; he was scared of the voracity of the flames, They also caught fire very quickly and made a kind of chimney in the center of this housing complex, and he believes that something went wrong for that to happen.

It is a development of 138 residences, offices and commercial establishments, which has two contiguous buildings – one with fourteen floors and the other with seven -, but is a single community of owners, who shared services such as the swimming pool.

As for the inhabitants of this building, now converted into a large black skeleton, 36 stayed the night in a hotel and the rest in homes of family and friendsimmersed in the stupor of having lost everything in a matter of minutes, as some left home with only what they were wearing and even without documentation.

The city of Valencein the east of Spainwho was preparing to experience this weekend the beginning of the famous Fallas festivals with events such as the Sunday Criss -the invitation to participate in the celebrations-, suspended all official events and Fallas and this Friday is the first of three days of official mourning, which extended to the entire Valencian region.

Source: Elcomercio

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