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At least 86 dead in Israeli attacks in the last day in the Gaza Strip

At least 86 dead in Israeli attacks in the last day in the Gaza Strip

At least 86 dead in Israeli attacks in the last day in the Gaza Strip

At least 86 Gazans have been killed and 131 injured in Israeli attacks in the past 24 hours, Gaza’s Health Ministry said. Gaza stripcontrolled by the Islamic group Hamas.

Since October 7th Since the start of the war in the enclave, 29,692 people have died and 69,879 have been injured in the Strip, according to Health’s count, in addition to around 7,000 bodies that are still trapped under the rubble.

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Several victims remain under the rubble and on the roads and the occupation prevents ambulances and civil protection teams from reaching them.“, denounced the ministry.

More than 70% of fatalities are civilians, including more than 13,000 children; in addition to the 17 thousand minors who were orphaned by one or both parents, according to data from the government of Hamas.

The official Palestinian agency Wafa reported that several civilians were killed by Israeli artillery strikes in the city of Jan Yunis, the main city in the south of the Strip where fighting has been concentrated since December; as well as in the neighborhood of Will know in the city of Linkwhere Israel resumed operations after considering the area under control in January.

A Palestinian was killed and several were injured in an air strike against a residence in the neighborhood of Shaaf, east of Gaza City; while Israeli drones fired at other neighborhoods in the city’s east, the agency said.

Wafa reports “strong explosions” in the neighborhood Zaytunin the south of Gaza City, where Israeli operations are now more intense in the north of the Strip and Israeli tanks have resumed their ground offensive in the area after weeks of partial withdrawal.

He Israeli army reported today their operations in both Khan Yunis and Zaytun, where they said they found dismantled weapons”terrorist infrastructure”And removed several cells.

Wafa also indicated that two Palestinians were killed and four injured in an Israeli bombing of the Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City.

The number of 86 deaths in one day in Gaza strip It represents a slight decrease, as in recent months it has almost never been below one hundred per day; and in the first weeks of the war more than 300 deaths were recorded per day; a discreet fall that occurs as Israel and Hamas indirectly negotiate a possible truce agreement.

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More than four months of war have led the Strip to the worst humanitarian catastrophe in its history and unprecedented levels of destruction, with around 80% of its civilian infrastructure damaged, including homes, hospitals, schools, water and sanitation facilities, according to data from the UN.

He United Nations Environment Program estimates that it will take between 3 and 12 years to clear the rubble and explosive remnants of the war, and that it will take tens of billions of dollars and decades to reverse the global economic damage, including to rebuild the health system.

Only 13 of 36 hospitals operate partially or minimally in Gaza, and most of them are located in the south, the report notes. World Health Organization (WHO).

Source: Elcomercio

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