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February 26th Birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On a February 26thbut in 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from the island of Elba, reorganized his Army and began the so-called “Hundred Day Period”, until his definitive defeat at Waterloo.


1549.- The Nicaraguan bishop Antonio de Valdiviesodisciple of Bartolomé de las Casasis murdered on the orders of the former governor Rodrigo de Contreras.

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1815.- Napoleon Bonapartewho was forced to abdicate, escaped the Elba Island and is preparing to regain power in France.

1869.- O Center Representatives Assembly declares the abolition slavery in Camagüey (Cuba).

1909.- He Austro-Hungarian Empire the province of Bosnia and Herzegovina after reaching an agreement with the ottoman empire.

1920.- The film is releasedDr. Caligari’s Office“, directed by Roberto Vienna and considered the masterpiece of German Expressionism.

1936.- The revolt of members of the Imperial Japanese Army is suffocated by order of the Emperor Hirohito.

1949.- A civil-military movement overthrows the president of the Paraguay, General Raimundo Rolón.

1951.- U.S ratifies the XXII amendment to the Constitutionwhich prohibits a president from remaining in office for more than two consecutive terms.

1961.- Hassan II becomes king of Morocco After the death of his father, the monarch Mohamed V..

1963.- The former colonel Antonio Argoudleader of the nationalist organization OASis arrested by the French secret service in Munich (Germany), accused of the attempted assassination of the French president Charles de Gaulle.

1971.- The police and the army Colombia repress student protests and cause several deaths, dozens of injuries and thousands of arrests in the so-called “Cali massacre”.

1986.- The first chapter of “Dragon Ball”, one of the best animated series in history, based on a manga written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, is broadcast.

1988.- The legislature of Panama replaces the president Eric Arturo Delvalle per Manuel Sólis de Palmain a maneuver directed by the head of the Armed Forces, Manuel Antonio Noriega.

1999.- Integrated circuit manufacturer Intel launches its microprocessor Pentium IIIwhich incorporated SSE instructions, especially suitable for audio and video coding standards MPEG2.

2001.- The members of the European Union sign the Treaty of Nicewhich reforms the institutional structure to face the expansion of the organization.

2009.- He The Hague Court acquits the former president of Serbia Milan Milutinovic of the crimes committed against the Albanian minority in Kosovo.

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2015.- The Saudi terrorist Khalid Al Fawaz is found guilty of the deadly attacks on US embassies in Nairobi It is Dar es Salaam in 1998.

2018.- The government of Nigeria denounces the kidnapping of 110 girls from an institute by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

2020.- Brazil confirms the first case registered by COVID-19 in Latin America.

2021.- USA holds the crown prince responsible for Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salmanof the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.


1564.- Christopher MarloweEnglish playwright.

1802.- Victor HugoFrench poet, novelist and playwright.

1808.- Honoré DaumierFrench painter and caricaturist.

1829.- Levi StraussAmerican businessman.

1846.- William Frederick CodyBuffalo Bill”, American soldier, explorer and actor.

1900.- Jean NegulescoAmerican film director of Romanian origin.

1912.- Danny ClarkAmerican actor.

1916.- Jackie GleasonAmerican actor.

1920.- Tony RandallAmerican actor.

1921.- Eulácio FerrerMexican writer and publicist born in Spain.

1924.- Noboru TakeshitaJapanese politician.

1928.- Fat dominoesAmerican musician.

1932.- Johnny CashAmerican country music singer.

1937.- Eduardo ArroioSpanish painter and sculptor.

1947.- Sandie ShawBritish singer.

1953.- Michael BoltonAmerican singer.

1958.- Michel HouellebecqFrench writer.

1963.- Nacho CanoSpanish musician, from the band Mecano.

1964.- David SummersSpanish singer.

1978.- Tom BeckGerman actor and singer.

1979.- Corinne Bailey RaeBritish singer.

1986.- Leila LopesAngolan model.

nineteen ninety.- Guido PizarroArgentine football player.

1991.- CLSouth Korean singer and rapper.

1997.- MalcolmBrazilian football player.


1561.- Jorge de Montemayorauthor of “Diana”, the first pastoral novel written in Spanish.

1792.- José CadalsoSpanish writer.

1821.- José de MaistreFrench politician and philosopher.

1889.- Carlos DavidovRussian composer.

1931.- Otto WallachGerman chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

1971.- FernandoFrench comic actor.

2000.- Joan of Savoy (“Queen Joan“), mother of King Simeon II of Bulgaria.

2001.- Arturo Uslar PietriVenezuelan writer.

2004.- Boris Traykovskypresident of Macedonia.

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2005.- Jeff RaskinAmerican mathematician and computer scientist.

2013.- Dale RobertsonAmerican actor.

2022.- Antonio SeguiArgentine visual artist and illustrator.

Source: Elcomercio

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