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Netanyahu contradicts Biden by ensuring that his war in Gaza has international support

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahusaid this Tuesday that he had a “considerable success”in its international campaign to maintain its war against the Islamic group Hamas at the Gaza stripwhere almost 30 thousand deaths have already been recorded, contrary to recent statements by the North American president, Joe Biden.

Since the start of the war, I have led a diplomatic campaign to block (international) pressure seeking to bring the war to a premature end and secure strong support for Israel. We had considerable success“, Netanyahu said in a statement, which he claims is”a response to the president Joe Biden”.

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The American president, in the midst of his presidential campaign, said in a television interview last night that if Israel continues with the “incredibly conservative government”who, including his Minister of National Security, the anti-Arab extremist Itamar Ben Gvirwill lose support“International.

The Israeli Prime Minister supported his arguments with a survey carried out via the internet, among 2,022 people, by Harvard University.

According to this poll carried out last week, 82% of Americans interviewed support Israel over Hamas; 67% believe there should not be a ceasefire until the Islamist group releases all hostages and is removed from power in Linkand 62% support a land incursion from Israeli army in Rafawhere around 1.5 million people displaced from Gaza are gathered in the midst of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

This gives us another strong argument to continue our war against Hamas until total victory.”deduces Netanyahu, who promised not to stop the war until“dismantle” to the Islamic group, guarantee that it will no longer be a threat to Israel and recover all hostages.

45% of those interviewed in the survey believe that the US Congress should not approve the disbursement of 14 billion dollars to help Israel in its war with Hamas.

The United States is Israel’s main ally and arms supplier. However, increasingly differences between Netanyahu and Biden have become evident.

U.Stogether with Qatar It is Egypttries to mediate to reach a ceasefire that allows the release of the hostages and the relief of the terrible conditions of civilians in Gaza, where there is a shortage of drinking water, food, medicine and basic services, such as health and electricity.

Several countries even promoted resolutions in the UN to demand a ceasefire, but the United States blocked them.

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On Monday, Biden said he expects a ceasefire agreement on March 4.

Mediators seek truce agreement before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadanwhich is scheduled to begin on March 10, but so far there are no concrete signs that the pact will be reached.

Israel and Hamas have been involved in a war since October 7th 2023, when the Islamic group carried out an attack against Israeli territory that included the launch of rockets and the simultaneous infiltration of thousands of its militiamen who massacred around 1,200 people in Israeli territory and kidnapped another 250.

Source: Elcomercio

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