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Israel attacks Hezbollah targets in response to 50 rockets fired at military base

The fighter planes of Israel attacked military targets Hezbollah in the south of Lebanonafter Lebanese Shiite militia launched more than 50 rockets and an anti-tank missile throughout Tuesday, targeting Israeli military installations.

At night, “Approximately 20 launches (rockets) were identified that crossed the Lebanon towards the north of Israelsome of which were successfully intercepted by the Army Air Defense System” and the rest fell in depopulated areas, a military spokesman said, after anti-aircraft sirens were activated in that area.

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What is more, “An anti-tank missile was identified that crossed from Lebanon into the area of Meronin northern Israel, which impacted the Army Air Control Unit area but did not harm the site’s capabilities“, necessary.

In response, Israeli aircraft attacked military complexes and infrastructure. Hezbollah in the areas of Tayibe, Beit Lif, Sediqina It is Jirbet Selmin southern Lebanon, as well as “a terrorist cell identified in the area of Ayta ash Shab“, explained the spokesperson.

Earlier, the Israeli Army reported that Hezbollah launched a barrage of about 35 rockets at the Israel Defense Forces Air Surveillance Base, over the Mount Meronthe highest peak in Israel, although it caused no damage or injuries.

In response, fighter jets attacked a Hezbollah military installation and terrorist infrastructure in the areas of Hanniyeh, Jibchit, Baisariyeh It is Mansouri” said a military statement.

Israeli artillery also attacked Yarun.”to eliminate a threat” he added.

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Hezbollah took responsibility for the attacks on that base in response to bombings carried out on Monday by Israeli planes against an important stronghold of the group in the Bekaa Valleythe first in northeast Lebanon since hostilities began more than four months ago.

Hezbollah will pay a heavy price“by attacking Israel, he assured Herzi Halevi Israel’s chief of staff, explaining a counterattack plan.

We will drive back the enemy, then create a very strong barrier, establish strong intelligence gathering capabilities, position powerful forces in the area as well as a strong civilian emergency response unit, and ensure that there are bomb shelters and safe areas in the areas. . homes and communities” he added.

According to him, “there is no Hezbollah presence along or near the border fence,” many of the area’s thousands of Israeli residents who were displaced were able to return.

The Shiite group yesterday launched around 60 rockets against an Israeli army barracks to avenge the death of two of its members in Bekaa – where Israel attacked Hezbollah’s anti-aircraft system – to which Israeli aviation responded with bombings against the group’s military targets in Ayta ash Shab It is Kfarkelain southern Lebanon.

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Clashes between the parties since the resumption of hostilities on 8 October have been mainly concentrated in the border areas, although Israel has already carried out some targeted attacks against Palestinian factions in areas further north, such as the suburbs of Beirutbesides yesterday in Bekaa.

The border between Israel and Lebanon is experiencing its highest peak of tension since 2006 with an intense exchange of fire since the beginning of the war in Gazawhich cost the lives of more than 300 people, 219 of them in the ranks of Hezbollah, which also confirmed victims in Syria.

In Israel, 16 people died on the northern border (10 soldiers and 6 civilians); while on the other side of the border, at least 286 people died, including around 32 members of Palestinian militias, a soldier and 34 civilians – including ten minors and three journalists -, as well as Hezbollah militiamen.

Source: Elcomercio

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