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March 1st Birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On a March 1stbut in 2017 Colombia is experiencing a historic day with the beginning of the “registration and identification”of the FARC guerrilla weapons, the first step towards abandoning them, after 52 years of armed conflict.


1493.- The caravel “The mole“, one of the three ships of the expedition Christopher Columbusdocks in the Spanish port of Bayonne (Pontevedra) with the announcement of the discovery of America.

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1867.- A part of the historic territory of Nebraska It is admitted as the 37th state of the U.S.

1870.- The Paraguayan Marshal Francisco Solano Lópezdies in Battle of Cerro CoráWhat does the end of the world mean? Paraguayan war against Triple alliance (Brazil, Uruguay It is Argentina).

1879.- Bolivia declares a state of war Pepper understanding that it had invaded its national territory, in a conflict in which it would lose its entire coastline. Pacific.

1896.- The French physicist Henri Becquerel discovers by accident that certain salts uranium emit radiation spontaneously, a new property of matter that will be called radioactivity.

1912.- The American Captain Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from an airplane.

1919.- Comes into force on Uruguay O new Constitution prepared by Constituent Assembly.

.- The mobilizations The First March Movementfavorable to the independence of Koreaare answered by japanese empire with the murder of thousands of people.

1924.- Emile Fradin find out at ally (France) the so-called Glozel Splintsclay tablets with unknown inscriptions that divided the archaeological community regarding their dating.

1932.- American aviator’s 20-month-old son Carlos Lindbergh He is kidnapped and later murdered.

1935.- The territory of Saaradministered as mandate by League of Nations after the end of First World WarIt’s officially German again.

1947.- He International Monetary Fund (IMF), a supranational entity whose objective is to achieve global economic stability, begins its financial operations.

1954.- USA explodes in high heel bikini (Marshall Islands) O hydrogen atomic bombthe most powerful detonation in history, with a power a thousand times greater than that which exploded in Hiroshima.

1963.- Iron Manone of the best known superheroes Wondermakes his first appearance in the comic book Tales of Suspense.

1966.- The Soviet space probe Worship 3 impacts on Venusbecoming the first spacecraft to impact the surface of another planet.

1974.- Seven collaborators of the American president Richard Nixon They are accused of hindering the investigation of the scandal.”Watergate“, the theft of documents at the headquarters of Democratic Party in washington.

1991.- He Colombian People’s Liberation Army (EPL) hands over its weapons after 23 years of armed struggle.

1992.- The majority of the population of the Yugoslav Republics of Bosnia and Herzegovina It is Montenegro They demonstrated in a referendum in favor of their independence.

1999.- Comes into force on Ottawa Treaty on the prohibition of the use, storage, production and transfer of antipersonnel mines.

2001.- The fundamentalist regime of Talibanin power in Kabulthey begin to destroy all the existing statues in Afghanistanincluding the millennial generation Buddhas pre-Islamic people of the province of Bamiyan.

2006.- Comes into force on Free Trade Agreement in between The Savior It is U.S.

2008.-Raul Reis“, one of the main leaders of FARCdies in Colombian military operation in Ecuadorian territory.

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2017.- Spanish architects Rafael Aranda, Carmen Pigem It is Ramon Vilalta they earn the Pritzker Prizeconsidered the Nobel of architecture.

2021.- Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy He is sentenced to three years in prison for corruption It is influence peddling.

2023.- Finland approves your admission to the NATO.


1444.- Alexandre BotticelliItalian painter.

1809.- Frederick ChopinPolish composer.

1858.- George SimmelGerman philosopher, sociologist and essayist.

1886.- Oskar KokoschkaAustrian artist.

1910.- Mapy CortesPuerto Rican actress and dancer.

1922.- Isaac RabinIsraeli politician.

1925.- Martin ChirinoSpanish sculptor.

1927.- Harry BelafonteAmerican singer and actor.

1928.- Jacques RivetteFrench film director.

1934.- Joan HackettAmerican actress.

1936.- Jean-Edern HallierFrench writer.

[1945- Dirk Beneditoator americano.

1954.- Ron Howarddiretor de cinema americano.

1955.- Clara Sanchesescritor espanhol.

1958.- Daniel Craigator britânico.

1963.- Thomas Anderscantor alemão, da banda Modern Talking.

1966.- Zack Snyderdiretor, roteirista e produtor americano.

1969.- Javier Bardemator espanhol.

1980.- Javier Ibarra Ramos, Kase-Orapper e compositor espanhol.

1984.- Naima Moramodelo americano.

1989.- Vela Carlosjogador de futebol mexicano.

1994.- Justin Biebercantora canadense.

2000.- Ava Allenmodelo e atriz americana.


1383.- Amadeu VI de Sabóiaaristocrata francês.

1620.- Thomas Campionpoeta e compositor inglês.

1862.- Pedro Barlowmatemático britânico.

1906.- José Maria de Peredaromancista espanhol.

1911.- Jacobus Henricus van’t HoffQuímico holandês, ganhador do Prêmio Nobel de Química.

1938.- Gabriele D’Annunziopoeta italiano.

1952.- Gregório La Cavadiretor de cinema americano.

1958.- Giacomo Ballapintor italiano.

.- Carlos Velocineasta mexicano.

1966.- Fritz Houtermansfísico alemão.

1976.- Jean Martinonmaestro e compositor francês.

1983.- Arthur Koestlerjornalista e escritor anglo-húngaro.

1988.- Joe Besserator e comediante americano.

novecentos e noventa e cinco.- Georges Koehlerbiólogo alemão, Prêmio Nobel de Medicina.

2000.- Begoña Paláciosatriz mexicana.

2012.- Lúcio Dallacantor e compositor italiano.

2014.- Ana Maria Moixescritor espanhol.

.- Alain Resnaiscineasta francês.

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2019.- Zhores Alferovcientista russo, Prêmio Nobel de Física e pioneiro em tecnologias de informação.

2020.- Ernesto Cardealsacerdote nicaraguense, poeta e revolucionário, promotor da teologia da libertação.

2023.- Irma SerranoA tigresa“, atriz mexicana.

Source: Elcomercio

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