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Caribbean armies are “ill-prepared” to help in Haiti, says Caricom

Caribbean military forces are “poorly prepared”to help tackle violence in Haitisaid this Wednesday the president of Guyana It’s from Caribbean Community (Caricom), Irfaan Aliwhen international pressure grows for transition and political stability.

The situation in Haiti shows how ill-prepared we were as a region” said Ali, during an awards ceremony for his work in education, security and defense.

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The president indicated that while other countries are making efforts to help end violence in Haitiin the region we are seeing the “cracks“das”joint operations”.

Historically, men and women have not been trained to operate and think at the same level of work, at the same strategic level.“Ali continued, assuring them that they are now fighting.”to train people to operate in joint operations”.

Haiti, the poorest country in the world Latin Americalives in a climate of uncertainty after the prime minister Ariel Henrique will resign on Monday in a deal overseen by Caricom after the crisis worsened due to violence by criminal gangs who demanded the departure of the Haitian leader.

The situation led United Nations Security Council propose sending a mission led by the Kenyan police to help put an end to the violence.

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According to the president of Kenya, Guilherme Rutotroops will be deployed as soon as a new presidential council is appointed to lead Haiti.

Political parties and personalities in Haiti made efforts this Wednesday to reach an agreement on the composition of the transitional presidential council that will replace Henry, but the success or otherwise of these new authorities will largely depend on their ability to stop armed gangs.

Its leader, the former police officer Jimmy Chériziernicknamed “Barbecue”, has already made it clear that he would not accept a government proposed by Caricom, which supervised the agreement on Haiti.

Source: Elcomercio

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