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They cancel euthanasia of the Colombian Martha Sepúlveda, who was going to die this Sunday

The IPS Incodol (Colombian Institute of Pain) canceled the euthanasia of Martha Sepulveda, which was scheduled for this Sunday at 7 am

The woman was to be the first person in the country to receive the procedure without being terminally ill.

The Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee for the Right to Die with Dignity “unanimously concluded to cancel the procedure.”

The IPS added that “The request was reviewed and analyzed again in a comprehensive and sufficient manner”, then “it is defined that the termination criterion is not met, as was considered in the first committee ”.

This 51-year-old woman was to become the first non-terminal patient to access euthanasia this Sunday. Sepúlveda did not know of the mass that was celebrated in his name, nor of the request that the Colombian Episcopal Conference for you to reconsider your decision.

She was ready to die and had even turned off her cell phone. “Martha has no idea what the priests have said, so it’s really like the world is exploding outside and she has no idea what’s going on. If Martha’s cell phone were available, she would have no life, but we have been very careful that she is in her world, sheltered now and that no one interferes with her peace and tranquility “, said Camila Jaramillo Salazar, her lawyer, before meeting the IPS.

In fact, the lawyer told reporters from this newspaper that she would consult the decision and communicate any reaction.



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