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From bachelor’s degree to assessments: the requirements to be a public teacher in Latin America

Teachers play a transcendental role in Latin America, where Education Historically, it has been a sector with a lot of outstanding debt. We review the general requirements that teachers must meet to teach in public schools in some countries in the region.

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It is necessary to accredit a minimum degree and have pedagogical teaching training or cover a profile related to the area of ​​knowledge you wish to teach. It is also essential not to be disqualified from public service, nor to have any other legal impediment. In addition, the general average obtained in the degree, experience and the result achieved in the instrument for assessing teaching knowledge and skills are considered.

Teachers must participate in the teaching competition, for which they must have higher education in a degree or in areas of knowledge related to education. You must have at least one year of experience. The candidate must take the teaching scale tests, which cover the career and training of teachers.

The candidate must have professional training in pedagogy or a related career. Educational license required through the Department of Educational Assessment, Measurement and Registration. To obtain it, it is necessary to take a pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge test, known as the Inicia test. It is an essential requirement to have a nomination from the Ministry of Education.

The main requirements to be a public school teacher are to have the corresponding title in each area of ​​the position or subject and to participate in a public examination. Requirements may vary according to different areas of the country. In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires it is also required to have psychophysical capacity, not to be over 35 years old for the area of ​​initial education, among others.

A qualification is required for teachers in basic and adult education and for the remaining subsystems a teaching qualification or, failing that, proven aptitude in the specialty. In addition to proving physical and mental fitness and not having a criminal or moral record that disqualifies him, it is the teacher’s obligation to qualify himself annually in his work in the manner determined by the respective regulations.

Source: Elcomercio

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