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Trump denounces “attack” on the USA on the first day of the historic trial

The criminal trial against donald trump was opened this Monday in a court of New Yorkbecoming the first ex-president in the history of the U.S who is in the dock, threatening to undermine the 2024 presidential campaign.

The judge investigating the case, the Colombian Juan Manuel Merchanstarted the judgment after reading the accusations against the 77-year-old Republican tycoon.

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“This is a assault for U.S. “Nothing like that happened.” said the Republican tycoon for his arrival at the court where he will be tried for hiding a payment of US$130,000 for the former porn actress Stormy Daniels allegedly buying her silence about an extramarital affair and thus protecting her 2016 campaign, which she ended up winning against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

For the Republican, almost certainly his party’s candidate for the presidential elections on November 4th, the judgment is “political persecution” orchestrated by Democrats to prevent him from realizing his long-cherished dream of returning for O The White House.

The tycoon is not accused of the payment itself to hide a sexual relationship which he always denied, but by disguising it as legal expenses of the Trump Organizationthe family business, which can carry a sentence of up to four years in prison.

However, the sentence would not be an obstacle for him to appear for the presidential elections on November 5, in which he will face the Democrat for the second time Joe Bidenwho defeated him in the elections four years ago.

He could also become president, although it would be an unprecedented situation.

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Jury selection

He judgment It begins with the selection of twelve jurors who will have the responsibility of unanimously declaring the tycoon “guilty” any “innocent”, a process that can take several days.

The twelve finalists and six alternates will be selected after responding for a detailed questionnaire about his political sympathies in a city with a majority Democratic heart and, above all, about his impartiality and ability to define the destiny of one of the most influential politicians of recent times, both in U.S like in the world.

The millionaire is accused of 34 falsifications of the Organization’s accounting documents trump to camouflage payments made as “legal expenses” for Stormy Danielsthat the then lawyer of trump and trusted man, Michael Cohen, currently a sworn enemy and who will be one of the prosecution’s main witnesses.

He judgment you will have to prove what you knew trump of the aforementioned payments, for which Cohen has already been convicted.

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“A lot at stake”

This is one of the many open fronts of the New York tycoon who accumulated a fortune in the real estate sector and in the construction of golf courses that complaint being the victim of “a witch hunt”.

It’s probably the only one judgment to be held before the elections on November 5th, despite for lawyers’ attempts to delay its celebration.

The Republican candidate also has other pending issues essay for attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and for managing confidential documents that were taken for his home when he left the White House.

“What is at stake is a lot, because trump and his lawyers have so far managed to delay the (other) essay“, it says for AFP Carl Tobias, law professor at the University of Richmond.

But far from impacting his brilliant career for presidency, each problem with justice seems to reinforce his popularity among his followers.

On Saturday night, at a rally in Pennsylvania, trump turned back for declare himself a victim of judicial and political persecution by Democrats.

“Our enemies want to take away my freedom because I will never let them take away theirs,” he said. for Your followers.

trump assured that he will declare in the judgmentwhich can last between six and eight weeks.

The Manhattan courthouse in the south New York, is under high alert. Demonstrations are expected from both followers and opponents of the former tycoon, as well as media from around the world.

FOR Unlike other states, television cameras are not authorized in New York courts, so only the written press will report on the development of this situation. judgment which arouses great interest.

Source: Elcomercio

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