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Israel insists on sanctioning Iran and declaring the Revolutionary Guard terrorists

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Israel Katzsent a letter this morning to 32 countries asking them to impose sanctions on the missile program Will and that they designate the Revolutionary Guardterrorist organization“, following Iran’s attack on Israeli territory on Saturday with more than 300 projectiles.

In addition to the military response to the launch of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, I am leading a diplomatic offensive against Iran“, Katz wrote today on his X account, where he reported having spoken to dozens of foreign ministers and”prominent figures from around the world”.

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For the head of Foreign Affairs, these two measures must be implemented “Before it’s too late“and then we can”contain and weaken”The Iranian regime.

Tehran launched an attack with more than 300 drones and missiles against Israeli territory on Saturday morning, in retaliation for the bombing of its consulate in Damascusassigned to Israel.

The attack left no fatalities and only a 7-year-old girl was injured. However, Israel is determined to respond, although at this point it has not emerged in what form and when it would do so.

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U.S, on this occasion, he told the Israeli State that he would not support it in its counterattack. The international community seeks to calm tempers in a region already marked by destruction war in Gaza which has already left more than 33,700 dead; and the constant exchange of fire with Hezbollah in northern Israel.

This Tuesday, the war cabinet, the body in charge of dealing with these issues, is expected to meet to discuss how it will respond against Tehran.

Source: Elcomercio

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