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Benjamin Netanyahu calls for unity and determination against “threats” from Iran and Hamas

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahutoday called for unity and determination against the “threat” of Iran and in the war against Hamas, in a speech given before the commanders of the foreign intelligence service, the Mossad, and stressed that the country is “under an existential threat”. ”

“Nations collapse mainly from within. Not because of external pressure, but mainly because of internal division. The internal division must disappear now because we are under an existential threat, and under an existential threat, forces unite, not divide,” said Netanyahu, whose popularity in Israel is almost at an all-time low.

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Furthermore, on April 3, Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz called for the first time since the attack Hamas of October 7th the holding of early elections in September, alleging the lack of international trust and popular support for the current Netanyahu Government

The Prime Minister spoke these words after meeting with the director of Mossad, David Barnea, and the head of the national intelligence service (Shin Bet), Ronen Bar.

“We are also committed to defeating the terrorist axis in Linkboth to free the hostages and to repel the general threat from Iran. “These are enormous tasks that require two things: the first is determination and the second is unity,” said the prime minister during his meeting with commanders from Mossad, according to a statement.

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Israel insisted on its determination to respond to Iran’s attack last weekend with more than three hundred drones and aircraft, but did not detail when or how its response will be.

On Wednesday, after meeting British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock in their office in Jerusalem, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin NetanyahuI wanted to make it clear that no one will dictate how to respond to Iran’s attack.

“I would like to thank our friends for their support in defending Israel and all your advice. But I want to be clear: we will make our own decisions”, said the president yesterday at the beginning of a meeting with members of his Government.

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In this sense, the Israeli Government spokesperson once again insisted that Israel will make its own decisions, regardless of external pressure, and limited herself to ensuring that “it is now up to the Prime Minister and the War Cabinet to decide when and how to respond”. “.

Concerned about the consequences of a possible response, the heads of state and government of the European Union called for “maximum moderation” after the Iranian attack to prevent tensions from spreading to the region, and called for the immediate suspension of fire in Link.

The spokesperson for Israeli government today also avoided answering clearly when asked by a journalist about reports suggesting that Israel agreed to forego a military strike against Iran in exchange for getting the green light to launch an offensive against Rafah, in southern Gaza and home to 1.4 millions of Palestinians. , most of them displaced, living in overcrowded conditions.

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However, he insisted that in Army will attack Rafah to, as he said, “put an end to the four Hamas battalions that remain (in Rafah).”

International humanitarian organizations have warned of an even greater catastrophe if the Israeli army attacks this region of southern Israel. Link.

Source: Elcomercio

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