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The attack on Iran was a warning about Israel’s capabilities, according to the Jerusalem Post

Friday’s alleged attack on Will It should be interpreted as a warning to Tehran about Israeli offensive capabilities and as a sign that Israel is not seeking a regional war, according to anonymous sources cited by the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

“The message (of the attack) was unmistakable: ‘This time we decided not to attack their nuclear installations, but it could have been worse.”, sources assured the newspaper.

WATCH: LIVE | Iran fires at drones suspected of Israeli attack near Isfahan nuclear site

Confusion surrounds Israel’s alleged attack on Iranaccording to senior US officials cited by US media, in apparent retaliation for what Iran did last Saturday.

According to the American media, Israel launched several missiles at Iran in the province of Isfahan in the early hours of Friday. But Iran denied the attack: first it said that anti-aircraft defenses had shot down several drones and now he just said they were “several flying objects.”

And so far, neither the Israeli Government nor the Pentagon have officially recognized the operation.

The Israeli newspaper guarantees today that these sources confirmed that the attack hit Air Force assets in Isfahan, “almost next to” the Islamic Republic’s nuclear installation in that region.

In this sense, the Jerusalem Post highlights that The attack was carried out with long-range missiles launched from an aircraft. so that they would not be detected by Iranian radars.

Likewise, according to the newspaper, The fact that the nuclear facilities were not directly hit is another message to Tehran that the aggressor is not looking for an escalation of tension.

The tension between Israel and Iran raised alarm bells in the international community, which redoubled its calls for restraint and diplomatic pressure to prevent the tension from leading to a regional armed conflict.

Source: Elcomercio

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