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Bernardo Arévalo guarantees that he will not rest until he dismisses Guatemala’s attorney general

The president of Guatemala, Bernardo Arevalo de LeónThis Tuesday he presented the progress of his first 100 days in Government and guaranteed that he will not rest until he obtains the dismissal of the attorney general, Consuelo Porrasper “threaten democracy”.

Some actors like public ministry (Public Ministry) use their position to intimidate from their trenches the project that the people of Guatemala chose for your future“, said Arévalo de León, during an event commemorating his first 100 days in government.

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Arévalo de León assured that they are looking for “by legal means”the removal of actors who pose a threat to democracy.

Prosecutor Porras was internationally accused of having tried to reverse Arévalo de León’s electoral victory, obtained in the 2023 elections.

The president of Guatemala highlighted that during his government 34 complaints were filed for cases of corruption happened during the administrations of his predecessors and added that “many more will come“, he indicated during the event held outside the Ministry of the Interior (Inside).

During his first 100 days in office, Arévalo de León denounced anomalies in the purchase of 16 million doses of Sputnik Vaccines by former president Alejandro Giammattei (2020-2024) and also a possible million-dollar fraud in the construction of 14 schools in different regions of the country.

The president highlighted that to achieve the fight against corruption, “an independent justice system that punishes those responsible for attacking resources that belong to all Guatemalans”.

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Highlights diplomatic alliances

We had an important alliance with several international actors, such as the president and vice-president of U.Sfrom whom we received an offer of development cooperation of more than 130 million dollars”, highlighted Arévalo de León.

Furthermore, the president indicated that with the European Union “He is negotiating agreements and has contact with friendly countries.”who support the Guatemalan people’s frontal struggle for democracy”.

The transition path to the presidency of the Bernardo Arevalo It was marked by a political crisis led by the Public Ministry that tried, through several criminal proceedings, to reverse its electoral victory, after surprisingly defeating the country’s traditional political class.

Source: Elcomercio

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