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Venezuelan parliament calls for withdrawal of invitation to the European Union to observe elections

The Parliament of Venezuela approved this Tuesday an agreement to ask the National Electoral Council (CNE) withdraw the invitation to the European Union (EU) to send an electoral observation mission to the presidential elections.

The above, after the community bloc decided to lift personal sanctions on the president of the CNE, Elvis Lovingand three other people, and did not do so to all those sanctioned.

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The agreement, approved by a qualified majority during the Legislative session – with a large Chavista majority -, establishes the request for CNE for “rescind the invitation made to the European Union participate as international observers in the July 28 presidential elections”.

The President of Parliament, the official Jorge Rodríguezexplained that a letter will be sent to the electoral body to evaluate the withdrawal of the invitation to the EU, whose members he described as “rude“,”bastards“,”scoundrels“,”illegal” It is “illegitimate”.

It is not up to us to make the decision, but it is up to us to give our opinion, and I believe that, with this racist, arrogant, rude, insulting attitude of the European Union, the invitation to an electoral observation mission becomes materially impossible because it is illegal and it’s not our fault, we tried,” said Rodríguez.

In the opinion of the chief negotiator of the Government of Nicolás Madurothe country did “all“what you”I had to do”, among which he mentioned the sending of the invitation and the receipt, in April, of an exploratory mission from the EU, which then met with members of the CNE and with him Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ).

How can we invite an institution that is favorable to the candidate from the United States of America? How can we fail to comply with election observation laws and regulations, which are also universal?,” said Rodríguez.

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In this sense, he guaranteed that the EU, which he accused of having a “pitiful character“, do not want “free and democratic elections” in Venezuelabut power in the Caribbean country “is held by a puppet” from United States

The EU Council decided to partially suspend the measure to favor the organization of elections “inclusive and competitive“, the spokesperson for the community Itamaraty explained to EFE. Pedro Stano.

For his part, Amoroso, after the concession was announced this Monday, rejected the lifting of the personal measure and assured that he will not accept the privilege if it is not extended to all those sanctioned.

Source: Elcomercio

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