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Ortega places his brother under “permanent medical care” at home after critical statements

The police of Nicaragua This Tuesday, a medical unit was installed in the retired general’s house Humberto Ortegacritical brother of the president, Daniel Ortegameasure interpreted as house arrest by the opposition media in exile.

The measure was announced by the Nicaraguan police in a statement days after the former head of the Army said in a press interview that his brother has no successors and predicted that, if he dies, his entourage will not be able to maintain power in the country. Nicaragua.

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One was installed Specialized Medical Care Unit to take care of the evils that afflicted and continue to afflict General Ortega. The Team of Experts will be in permanent communication, coordination and visits“, indicated the police in their press release.

In turn, the exile media published Article 66: “The regime of Daniel Ortega It is [su esposa y vicepresidenta] Rosario Murillo ordered ‘house for imprisonment’ disguised as ‘permanent medical care’ against brother“from the president.

Other opposition media published in exile published similar versions about the house arrest of 77-year-old General Ortega.

The two brothers were part of the Sandinista guerrilla that fought against the dictatorship of Anastácio Somozathe last leader of a dynasty that ruled the country with an iron fist for four decades.

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After the triumph of the revolution in 1979, Humberto Ortega became head of Sandinista Popular Army while Daniel assumed the reins of government, first collegiately and then on his own.

Humberto continued to lead the armed institution after Daniel’s electoral defeat, in 1990, against the opposition candidate Violeta Barrios de Chamorrowho governed until 1997.

The two Ortega brothers have been estranged due to political differences since the 1990s.

Source: Elcomercio

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