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Israel calls the ambassador to Spain for consultations on the recognition of the Palestinian State

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel announced this Wednesday the call for consultations of its ambassador in Spain, Rodica Radian-Gordonafter the Spanish Government announced today the recognition of Palestinian statewhich will be formalized on May 28th.

Israel He also called today for consultations with their respective ambassadors in Ireland and Norway, Dana Erlizh and Avi Nir-Feldkleinrespectively, after these countries have recognized the Palestinian State, a decision that they will formalize on the same day that Spain; in addition to summoning the diplomatic representatives of these countries in Israel.

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The Spanish president, Pedro Sanchestoday announced the recognition of Palestine as statesomething that, as he said, “it’s correct”but “it is not against anyone, not against the people of Israel, much less against the Jews”.

The Israeli Radian-Gordon is about to complete her term as ambassador in Madriddestiny that he had to abandon before the summer, and his successor in the position has already been appointed, Zvi Vapnian experienced Israeli diplomat who also served as an international affairs advisor to President Isaac Herzog.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz also ordered the recall of Israel’s ambassadors Ireland, Spain and Norway in Israel “for a reprimanding conversation” in which they will be shown the video that Hamas militants themselves recorded with their cameras of the kidnapping and murder, on October 7, of several Israeli soldiers at an observation post near the Strip.

This way, Israel summons the ambassador of Spain, Ana María Salomón; and Sonya McGuiness, from Ireland; and Per Egil Selvaag, from Norway, for an urgent meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Israelin Jerusalem.

They decided to award a gold medal to the murderers of Hamaswhat They raped girls and burned babiesS. We will show the distorted decision your governments madeKatz said in a statement.

We will show you such a horrible video of the kidnapping of the soldiers of observation to enlighten them about the distorted decision that their governments have taken. Israel will not go through this calmly: its measure will have serious consequences” he added.

For his part, both the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, which leads the Palestinian National Authority; such as Palestine Liberation Organization; such as the Islamic group Hamas – which governs the Gaza strip since 2007 – celebrate the decision of Spain, Ireland and Norway and consider it an important step towards a solution for both state and the self-determination of the Palestinian people.

In total, 140 countries recognize the Palestinian stateeight of them European –Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Cyprus and Sweden– as well as almost all Arab countries or countries historically linked to the non-aligned movement.

Source: Elcomercio

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