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“Either you want to make a career or become a mother”: why Italians no longer have children

For Francesca, every job interview started the same way. “How old are you? Do you have children? Do you plan to have more?” Many resumes were sent, with virtually no positive responses. “As soon as I said my age, it was all over,” recalls the Italian with light eyes and casually braided hair . In Italy, women between the ages of 30 and 40 are not in high demand among future employers because they can… Her husband confirms: at the company where he works in Lissona, a town in Lombardy, near the legendary highway. Formula 1 in Monza only hires those over 40 years old… hoping that the family is already complete.

After the birth of her daughter Alma, almost four years ago, she began working from home again. Four hours a day, payment only 300 euros per month. “But it’s just a classic for new mothers,” explains Francesca. Last year she finally found a job in sales, which she doesn’t really like but at least allows her to work 34 hours a week. Still not the 40 hours that would earn her a full salary, but how else can she do it when the school can only accommodate her daughter from 8:30am when she has to be in the office at 8am?

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Source: Le Parisien

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