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Migrants: Poland demands an explanation for the return of an Afghan family to its land by German police

Migrants: Poland demands an explanation for the return of an Afghan family to its land by German police

Migrants: Poland demands an explanation for the return of an Afghan family to its land by German police

According to Poland, this is neither more nor less than “a violation of the principles of cooperation governing the movement of people.” Prime Minister Donald Tusk signaled on Monday that he would raise the issue with his German counterpart Olaf Scholz about the “unacceptable” incident in which Warsaw said German police took a family of Afghan origin to the Polish side of the border and abandoned them. she’s in the parking lot. Germany’s leading television news newspaper Tagesschau gives a slightly different version based on police testimony.

According to images published by local news site and picked up by national media, a German police van entered Poland on Friday morning and left five foreigners, two adults and three children, parked in Osinow Dolny (west). . According to witnesses cited by the site, the van immediately left for Germany. The foreigners were subsequently detained by police, and passers-by alerted Polish border guards.

“In a minute I will speak with Chancellor Scholz about the unacceptable incident involving German police and a migrant family on our side of the border,” Donald Tusk wrote on X. “This issue needs to be clarified in detail,” he added.

On Monday afternoon, border guards said they had contacted the German side “to clarify the circumstances of the incident.”

The actions of the German police occurred “in violation of the principles of cooperation between the two services and the law governing the transfer of persons,” they confirmed on X, emphasizing that “the German services cannot make such decisions in an arbitrary manner.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Czeslaw Mroczek, in turn, said that his country “does not intend to tolerate this kind of step.” “Everything must be done in accordance with the law and procedures,” he insisted, as quoted by the PAP agency. Police officials from the two countries are due to discuss the case on Tuesday.

Control restored during Euro 2024

On the German side, federal police said that as part of internal border controls temporarily reintroduced during Euro 2024 football, officers arrested an Afghan family of five near Altmedewitz in Brandenburg, according to Tageschau.

The family had Polish asylum certificates for the adults and Polish identity cards for the children and did not seek asylum in Goethe’s homeland. So there was no reason for her to stay there. According to German media reports, Polish border guards were informed through the Swetsko Joint Center that Afghan citizens were going to be handed over to them.

“Since there was no response from the Polish side for several hours, (…) officials decided to take the family with a patrol to the German-Polish border,” the TV news reported. Police then took the unwell children to a pharmacy in Osinow Dolny, Poland. And in an unfortunate turn of events, the children’s mother forgot her mobile phone at the German police station where she returned before being brought back to Poland to be with her family.

In any case, the incident will be discussed during a meeting between Polish Interior Minister Tomasz Siemoniak and his German counterpart Nancy Faser, a representative of the Polish department said.

Source: Le Parisien

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