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Three arrested for burning Venezuelan migrants’ belongings in Chile

Three men were arrested in Chile Accused of burning tents where undocumented Venezuelans lived during a September 25 protest against migrants in the northern city of Iquique, police reported Monday.

“The defendants were placed at the disposal of the Iquique Guarantee Court, being formalized for the crime of arson of species, decreeing their national roots [prohibición de salir del país], house arrest at night and prohibition to attend marches “said the Investigative Police (PDI) in a statement.

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On September 25, some 3,000 people demonstrated against Venezuelan migrants living in squares and beaches in the port city of Iquique (1,800 km north of Santiago), and some of them burned the tents and other belongings of foreigners.

After inquiries and analysis of images from the demonstration, the police were able to identify and arrest three “alleged perpetrators and intellectuals of the crimes of fire and damage,” the PDI indicated.

The protest took place amid xenophobic shouts and posters with anti-immigration slogans, before the massive arrival of Venezuelan migrants to Iquique, where they arrive after crossing the inhospitable border on foot from Bolivia to the town of Colchane, in Chile, of about 1,600 inhabitants. located at 3,650 meters of altitude.

Most of the migrants try to get to Santiago. But the poorest lack the resources to pay for a trip to the Chilean capital, so they stay in Iquique or other cities in the north of the country, camping on the streets in precarious conditions.

At least 15 migrants have died trying to cross the border from Bolivia, while more than 23,000 migrants entered Chile through clandestine passages until last July, almost 7,000 more than those registered throughout last year, according to data from the Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM ).


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