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China detects 25 new cases of coronavirus, 9 of them due to local contagion

The National Health Commission of China announced today the detection of 25 new positives of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus last Monday, 9 of them due to local contagion in the province of Shaanxi (center, 5), Inner Mongolia (north, 2), Hunan (center, 1) and Ningxia (center, 1).

SIGHT: China registers 21 new coronavirus infections, all from abroad

The remaining 16 cases were found among travelers from abroad in Shanghai (east, 5), Yunnan (south, 4), Guangzhou (south, 3), Hunan (center, 2), Fujian (southeast, 1) and Gansu (north , 1).

  • China registers 32 new positives of coronavirus, of which 4 are local infections
  • WHO calls experts to investigate the origin of COVID-19
  • China closes the doors of its territory to new investigations on the origin of the coronavirus

The health authorities also reported today the detection of 19 asymptomatic cases, 17 of them “imported” from abroad and 2 due to local contagion in Yunnan (south, 1) and Shaanxi (center, 1), although Beijing does not count them as confirmed cases. unless they show symptoms.

The total of this type of infections under observation is 356, of which 341 come from other territories.

The National Health Commission also detailed that, until last local midnight (16:00 GMT on Monday), 27 patients were discharged after successfully overcoming the covid.

The total number of active infected in mainland China amounts to 457, one of which is serious, and there are 2 suspected cases.

According to the accounts of the institution, since the beginning of the pandemic, 96,571 people have been infected in the country, among which 91,421 have managed to heal and 4,636 died.

To date, 1,213,842 close contacts with infected people have been followed up, of which 20,976 continue to be observed.


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