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Officialist Asfura congratulates leftist Castro for victory in Honduras

The presidential candidate of the ruling National Party of Honduras, Nasry Asfura, congratulated on Tuesday the virtual president-elect in Sunday’s elections, the leftist Xiomara Castro, who received him with a hug at home, accompanied by several members of his family.

Before Asfura, a construction businessman who has been mayor of Tegucigalpa for eight years, the National Party, in a statement, had recognized the triumph of Castro, leader of the Partido Libertad y Refundación (Free, left), and wife of the former president. Manuel Zelaya, ousted in June 2009.

He added that today he met “with Xiomara Castro and his entire family,” and that he went “to his house to personally congratulate him.”

“Now I want to say it publicly that I congratulate her on her triumph, and as president-elect I hope that God enlightens her and guides her so that in her Administration she does the best for the benefit of all of us Hondurans to achieve that development and the hopes of democracy.” , he stressed.

The mayor of the capital also asked Castro “to respect the results” of the candidates for deputies and mayors of the country and thanked all those who expressed their support as presidential candidate of the National Party, a group that has been in power for three consecutive terms. .

According to Asfura and its projections on the results of the elections, it would have obtained “around one million votes”, of which up to now, according to the count carried out by the National Electoral Council (CNE), it has received 624,629 (34.08%) , against 978,842 (53.41%) of Xiomara Castro.

Asfura said that he loves his country and asked his compatriots to strengthen “democracy and peace for the benefit of this great family called Honduras.”

“Our country is beautiful and it is not how they look at it outside, we respect the will of the people expressed at the polls, because that is the decision of the majority. The country needs reconciliation and unity to achieve harmony and work, which is the path that will lead us to the development that we all long for. Here I am and I will always be at your service ”, he said.

In a message on the social network Twitter, Xiomara Castro said that “Nasry Asfura, candidate of the PN (National Party), accepts the will of the people, recognizes the victory of Libre in alliance” and his “triumph as president-elect of HN (Honduras ) “.

In his message on Sunday after the first official report of the CNE was known, three hours later, Castro said, among other things, that he will carry out “a government of reconciliation.”

Castro is on the way to becoming the first female president of Honduras in the entire political history of a country of sexists.




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