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The spectacular car bomb attack on a prison in Mexico from which 9 inmates escaped

Between car bombs and shots, as if it were a movie, nine people managed to escape this Wednesday from a prison in Mexico in which they were detained.

The events occurred at dawn, when an armed group broke into a prison in Tula, in the central state of Hidalgo.

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To achieve this, they used various vehicles such as a modified pickup with a large metal plate on its front and that they used as a tank to knock down the entrance gate.

The chaos was even greater when, at the same time, at least two car bombs were detonated near the prison to distract the security forces while the operation was carried out in the prison, as confirmed by the secretary of state government, Simón Vargas Aguilar.

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The main objective of the attack, according to the authorities, was the liberation of José Artemio Maldonado Mejía, alias El Michoacano, and alleged leader of the criminal group United Peoples that supposedly is mainly dedicated to the theft of hydrocarbons in the region.

During the flight and subsequent pursuit, two officers were injured although their lives are not in danger. The State Security Secretariat, the National Guard and other authorities are running an operation to find the fugitives and the perpetrators of the attack on the prison.

“We are doing a very broad investigation because several people intervened. It is a very relevant fact, it is not something that commonly happens in our state and therefore we do not rule out any of the hypotheses or disclaim responsibilities, “said the state attorney general, Alejandro Habib Nicolás.

The Michoacán Security Secretariat remains on alert in case Maldonado Mejía and the rest of the escapees try to flee to their state, the newspaper El Universal reported.

The Michoacano

The Hidalgo attorney assured that the nine escaped inmates were at the judicial disposal and processed by crimes such as murder and kidnapping.


El Michoacano, who had been arrested just last Friday, was also charged with these crimes. Until now, his alleged link with Pueblos Unidos, a group related by the authorities to the theft of hydrocarbons in the area, was known.

The state of Hidalgo is precisely one of the leading states in “Huachicoleo”, as it is known in Mexico to the theft of fuel through clandestine intakes.

Tula is home to the second largest refinery for Pemex, the Mexican state oil company. Nearby, in Tlahuelilpan, an explosion following a pipeline leak in 2019 killed more than 130 people trying to collect the product.

It is considered the greatest tragedy caused by fuel theft in the history of the country.

A strong security device surrounded the Tula prison on Wednesday.  (Reuters).

A strong security device surrounded the Tula prison on Wednesday. (Reuters).


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