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Wreck of Italian WWII submarine found off Mykonos

Off the island of Mykonos, the wreck of an Italian submarine was discovered last November by the Greek diver Kostas Thoctarides and his team. It was 103 meters deep. Upon inspection, they could see that it was the “Jantina” which was torpedoed by the British Navy during World War II, reports the Huff Post.

Six survivors out of 48 sailors on board

“Naval history is like a puzzle, and this wreck is part of this puzzle,” said Kostas Thoctarides. This is not his first discovery of the genre. He had already located three other submarines. For this last historical discovery, the professional used the ROV Super Achilles, a remote-controlled underwater vehicle which made it possible to take the first pictures of the ship.

This submarine sank on July 5, 1941 after leaving the Greek island of Leros with 48 sailors on board. Only six of them came out alive.


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