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Colombia says goodbye to 2021 with the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in full swing


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Colombia, which this Friday reported 10,401 new cases and 41 deaths from covid-19, ended 2021 with the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in full swing and with the shadow of the arrival of the omicron variant.


The number of new infections is the highest since July 27, when there were 11,426 infected, and the growth of the pandemic is also noted in the fact that among the Christmas and the New Year Colombia went from 3,060 daily cases to 10,401.

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With today’s data, the country accumulates 129,942 deaths and 5,157,440 positive cases, of which 38,196 remain active.

Regarding omicron, the Ministry of Health said that as of the date and due to the rapid spread of this variant, travelers over 18 years of age who arrive in Colombia on cruise ships must have at least one dose of the vaccine against covid- 19 and present a negative PCR test.


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According to health authorities, the regions that had the highest infections this Friday were Bogotá (2,873), Antioquia (2,708), Valle del Cauca (2,250), Atlántico (516), Cundinamarca (253), Bolívar (235), Santander ( 186), Risaralda (157) and Norte de Santander (118).

The deaths, of which 40 correspond to previous days, occurred in Antioquia and Valle del Cauca (9); North of Santander (4); Putumayo and Magdalena (3); Bogotá, La Guajira, Quindío and Vichada (2), mainly.

Today 56,746 diagnostic samples were processed in the country, 29,705 of them PCR and 27,041 antigens, for a total of 29.6 million tests carried out since the start of the pandemic.

According to the Ministry of Health, 230,812 vaccines against covid-19 were applied on Wednesday, of which 95,675 are second doses and 11,826 are of the single-dose formula of the pharmaceutical company Janssen.

With the above, in Colombia 64,449,062 million vaccines have been applied and 28.2 million people already have their complete scheme, while 3,240,030 have received a booster dose.




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