WorldNew opposition governor in the cradle of Chávez is...

New opposition governor in the cradle of Chávez is willing to “talk” with Chavismo


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The new governor of the Venezuelan state of Barinas, the opposition Sergio Garrido, said on Monday that he was willing to “talk” with Chavismo to seek solutions in this region where the late socialist leader Hugo Chávez was born.

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“We are willing to reach conversations with whoever we have to talk to, as long as it is so that we can help this Barinese people who need it so much, solve the thousand and one problems that we have,” Garrido told AFP after being proclaimed as governor at the headquarters of the electoral authority in Barinas (west).

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On Sunday, Garrido won the state elections, repeated by court order without the main opposition candidate, and broke the hegemony that Chávez’s relatives had held in the governor’s office since 1998.

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On November 21, in the regional elections, the opposition Freddy Superlano led the counts before the candidate for re-election Argenis Chávez, brother of the late former president, but the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), on the pro-government line, paralyzed the count of votes alleging that this candidate was disqualified and ordered a repeat election.

The defeated ruling party candidate, former vice president and former foreign minister Jorge Arreaza, warned Garrido and the opposition earlier on Monday: “Manage your victory well. Do not get wrong”.

“Hopefully and he also reaches out to help this town of Barinas. We are not closed, ”replied the opponent.

“The people of Barinas woke up, the people of Barinas rose up, and the people of Barinas after the triumph of Freddy Superlano last 21 (November) understood that through the vote, which is the weapon that Democrats have, we can achieve changes, ”said Garrido.

Venezuela is suffering an economic crisis that mixes inflation and recession, as well as a collapse of basic services such as electricity and drinking water, a situation that is aggravated in interior regions of the country such as Barinas.

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