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More than 200,000 people in Buenos Aires and its surroundings suffer power cuts in the heat of the heat wave

More than 200,000 people suffered power outages this Tuesday in Buenos Aires and the suburbs of Buenos Aires due to the high demand caused by a heat wave that caused the collapse of the electrical system.

According to government data from the Electricity Regulatory Entity (Enre), there are 153,314 users affected by blackouts in the area that corresponds to the Edenor company.

“A high voltage line went out of service due to a fire that occurred in a house in the San Martín district (Province of Buenos Aires),” according to the company in a statement.

He added that “it affected a large part of the northern corridor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires. The company has begun the normalization maneuvers that will be staggered and it is expected to restore the service progressively in the next few hours ”.

For its part, Edesur, the second company that manages the electricity lines in the metropolitan area, explained that they had failures in the high voltage lines “outside” of its subsidiary.

This caused the service to be cut off in two substations that affected the supply of 58,445 users and a large part of its jurisdiction with low voltage surges in areas where there is still power.

Both companies are in charge of supplying 5.3 million customers, of which 211,759 are without energy supply.

At the moment, Argentina is going through a heat wave with temperatures that exceed 40 degrees Celsius and encourage greater electricity consumption.

The advance of a cold front through the center of the country is expected to generate a slight drop in temperatures, as the heat will continue throughout the week between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius.

The residents of Buenos Aires had already suffered massive and prolonged blackouts at the end of December and the beginning of this month, where the warmest days of the Buenos Aires summer are marked by failures and inadequacies of the electrical network.

On the political side, María Eugenia Vidal, the deputy for Buenos Aires and former Buenos Aires governor, of Together for Change, charged against the national government due to the lack of “investment”.

“When investment is not encouraged and you try to sweep problems under the rug, these things happen. Today we are, once again, facing power outages that are becoming more frequent and lasting longer, ”Vidal said on his social networks.

“We are living the consequences of the patches and the improvisation of Kirchnerism that in the end all Argentines pay for it,” he closed.


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