WorldThe shocking moment when two Argentine police officers save...

The shocking moment when two Argentine police officers save a baby who could not breathe


An event attracted attention in Argentina. They are about two police officers who saved the life of a one-year-old girl who was on the street drowning due to a respiratory problem. This was pointed out Infobae.

In the clip of the Municipal Police of San Miguel The officers, a man and a woman, are seen aboard a vehicle until they see a minor in danger on Balbín and Sarmiento avenues. They intervened after hearing the mother’s screams.

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“Give him my love”, the agent commented Laura Pagani the little girl while trying to get her to breathe again. For his part, the driver was driving in the direction of Larcade Hospital, which is located a few blocks from where the woman and her daughter were found.

The agent performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and managed to get the minor to react before reaching the health center.

The minor was treated and was admitted due to respiratory distress and the doctors stabilized her. The mother said she felt she was losing her daughter and thanked the police for helping her.

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