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NATO to sign cyber cooperation agreement with Ukraine after attack


Behind the “massive” cyber attack against Ukraine, this Friday, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced that it will sign a cyber cooperation agreement with this country. This attack took several government websites out of commission, amid high tensions between Kiev and Moscow.

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“In the coming days, NATO and Ukraine will sign an agreement on cyber cooperation, including Ukraine’s access to the NATO malware information exchange platform.“Stoltenberg said in a short statement.

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The European Union also promised to mobilize “all resources”To help his ally after the attack affected the operation of the web pages of various ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, according to AFP.

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The Ukrainian authorities assure that there has been no significant damage and, for the moment, the responsibility of the attack has not been claimed.

Kiev did not accuse anyone, although with its western allies, it often accuses Moscow of perpetrating cyber attacks against its sites and infrastructure, something that Russia denies.

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The Ukrainian diplomacy spokesman called Friday’s attack “massive”And stated that“Foreign Ministry sites and a number of other government agencies are temporarily down”.

The Ministry of Education stated for its part on Facebook that its website did not work due to a “global attack”During the night from Thursday to Friday.

Before the website of the Foreign Ministry was blocked, the perpetrators of the cyberattack posted a threatening message on their home page in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

Ukrainians, be afraid and prepare for the worst. All your personal data has been made public”, It said, according to an AFP correspondent. The message was accompanied by a crossed out Ukrainian flag.

No leaks

However, the Ukrainian authorities reported that no personal data was leaked.

The content of the sites did not change and, according to the available information, there was no leakage of personal data”, Assured the Ukrainian secret services (SBU).

A large part of the government resources that were affected have been restored, and the others will be accessible again very soon.”They continued.

The cyberattack takes place against a background of growing tensions with Russia, whom Kiev and its allies accuse of planning a new invasion of Ukraine.

One of the hypotheses being considered is that as a prelude to a military offensive, a major computer attack would be launched against Ukraine’s strategic infrastructures to disorient the authorities.

Ukraine has been the target of cyberattacks on several occasions in recent years attributed to Russia, the one suffered in 2017 against various infrastructures and in 2015 against its electricity grid.

Military exercises

Western countries accuse Russia of deploying tanks, artillery and some 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine, which NATO sees as preparation for an invasion.

US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith told reporters in Brussels that everyone understands that “there are a number of scenarios that could develop in relation to what is happening between Russia and Ukraine”.

And one of them is a large-scale conventional military attack, and there are other levels, and we will have to see what we find out today.”He added.

Moscow says it has no plans to invade Ukraine.

This week several meetings were held between high-ranking Russian officials and representatives of Westerners to try to defuse the crisis with Ukraine, without results.

Moscow once again assured that it had no “intention” to invade neighboring Ukraine and settled the discussions, noting that it saw no reason to resume the dialogue.

In this context, the Russian Defense Ministry published on Friday images of military exercises with 2,500 soldiers and a hundred tanks about 50 km from the Ukrainian border.

On Friday however, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski proposed a trialogue meeting, possibly virtual, with his US and Russian counterparts to curb the crisis, according to one of his advisers.

Russia invaded and annexed the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula in 2014, after a pro-Western revolution broke out in this former Soviet republic.

Moscow is also widely regarded as the military and financial backer of pro-Russian separatists at war with the Ukrainian authorities in the east of the country, a conflict that has left more than 13,000 dead.

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