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Tornado in Florida destroys dozens of homes and leaves many injured | VIDEOS

A tornado touched down this Sunday and destroyed dozens of homes and left several injured in western Florida, a state affected by a winter storm that today leaves heavy snowfall in neighboring states to the north. Lee County authorities said 28 homes were damaged and at least 62 were rendered uninhabitable by a tornado on Sunday morning.

So far no fatalities have been reported, but four people have been injured by the passage of this phenomenon, which left some 7,000 homes in the area without electricity.

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The National Weather Service (NWS) reported that the tornado also touched down a little further south, in the county of Collier, near the tourist city of Naples.

highway patrol Florida posted a video on Twitter showing a tornado crossing busy Interstate 75 and reported that a large truck overturned in the middle of the road, although the driver suffered only minor injuries.

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The strong storms this Sunday also caused significant damage in Charlotte County, and on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, where local authorities opened a shelter for the affected people.

One of the residents in Florida Hardest hit by this storm is Edward Murray, 81, who told the Naples Daily News that the tornado lifted his home in the mobile home park in Fort Myers and tossed it on top of a neighbor’s house.

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“That is my house, which was turned upside down”, This man told the local media that, like his daughter, they came out unharmed crawling from the rubble. “The tornado knocked me down and pushed me into the east wall and buried me under the sink, refrigerator, kitchen chairs and everything else.”

counties in southeastern Florida, including the one in Miami-Dade, also received warnings of possible tornadoes throughout the day.

These tornadoes are part of a severe winter storm that is bringing heavy snowfall and winds to much of the southeastern United States, where nearly 80 million people live.

According to the specialized site FlightAware, more than 2,800 flights to or from the US had to be canceled in the last few hours and another 2,200 were delayed.

The most affected airports are Charlotte International, with 95% of its operations suspended, and Atlanta, the one with the highest passenger traffic in the entire country, with 27% cancellations.

As for the power outage, according to the PowerOutage website, which reports blackouts in the US, North Carolina is the most affected region, with more than 82,000 customers without power, followed by South Carolina, with 76,000, Georgia (46,000) and Florida (21,289).

The NWS has forecast heavy snowfall mainly in the states of Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia due to this cold front that will move throughout the day to the northeast and the lower Great Lakes, until reaching Canada on Tuesday. .


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