WorldIsrael investigates suspicious purchase of submarines from Germany during...

Israel investigates suspicious purchase of submarines from Germany during Netanyahu administration


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The israeli cabinet approved on Sunday an investigation into the purchase of submarines and other warships from Germany, in a case that has involved allies of the former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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The case centers on accusations that there were bribes and conflicts of interest in the $2 billion purchase of naval vessels from Germany’s Thyssenkrupp, in which several close associates of Netanyahu were involved.

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The former prime minister has been questioned but is not a suspect in the case known nationally as “Case 3000″.

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The cabinet, by vote, authorized an official inquiry. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett abstained.

“The processes for defense acquisitions in this administration are exempt from foreign considerations,” Bennett declared at the start of the cabinet meeting on Sunday. “Our only consideration in the security of Israel.”

The investigating commission will have the authority to investigate and call witnesses, and its recommendations are generally accepted.

Nitzan Horowitz, minister of health and member of the cabinet, declared that the investigation “is an important step in the fight against corruption and is essential for the defense of the country.”

The cabinet approval comes more than a year after Defense Minister Benny Gantz authorized an investigation into Netanyahu’s involvement in the case.

On Twitter, after the vote approving the investigation, Gantz wrote that the case “is of the highest priority for the security of the country and sends a clear message that Israel’s defense cannot be trifled with.”

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