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The price of the dollar closed lower and is trading at S / 3,707

The price of the dollar in Peru closed lower on Thursday, after two days of intense increases and in the midst of a new political crisis in which multiple sectors of the country demand the resignation of President Pedro Castillo.

The exchange rate ended at S/3,707, a decline of 0.40% compared to Wednesday’s close, at S/3,722, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR).

So far this year, the greenback accumulates a decline of 7.11% compared to the last price of 2021, at S / 3,991.

Today’s session began with the opening of the market at S/3,715, with a great appetite from offshore, which these days are demanding quite a few dollars. US$493 million were traded on the market at an average price of S/3.7114″, said Alexander Javier, Forex trader at Renta4 SAB.

New groups such as SUTEP and the Pasco region civil construction union announced that they would join the protests today against the Pedro Castillo government. On the other hand, in Ica, yesterday’s clashes left one dead and at least 14 injured, six people died as a result of the truckers’ strike in recent days. The other cases were reported in the regions of Huánuco, Junín (Huancayo) and Lima.

On the other hand, in the parallel market or the main exchange houses, the dollar was bought at S/3,670 and sold at S/3,720, according to the portal

Regionally, most Latin American currencies posted losses on Thursday, while stock markets were mixed, amid a strong dollar and market fears of the possibility of aggressive interest rate hikes ahead. United States interest.

According to Reuters, the dollar was approaching a two-year high against a basket of major currencies on Thursday and was pushing commodity-linked currencies further down from their recent highs, after the meeting minutes will show that the Federal Reserve is preparing to act aggressively to curb inflation.

This change in monetary policy in the world’s leading economy, which showed greater aggressiveness in the Fed’s minutes, was ratified on Thursday by statements by one of its members.

The Federal Reserve continues to lag behind in its fight against inflation despite mortgage rate hikes, while bond yields have come ahead of expected changes in the central bank’s fed funds target rate, the Federal Reserve said. Thursday St Louis Fed President James Bullard.

Source: Elcomercio

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