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Josie Romani: The ephemeral architect who worked on the set of The Rolling Stones in Lima tells her experience

Did you know that the huge structures that go up for concerts, or the ones we see on television in competition reality shows and other entertainment programs are designed by ephemeral architects who specialize in carrying out these works?

This branch, which consists of the construction of temporary buildings or that are designed to have a short duration, very little is known in our country despite the fact that there is too much demand and work; however, we have a professional who has been in charge of very important projects.

Is about josie romanya 36-year-old woman who has been in this field for more than a decade and that he has been able to demonstrate that this profession is at the forefront and that first-class jobs can be carried out in Peru.

She has been responsible for leading international events such as the visit to the country by Pope Francis, the Dakar in Peru, temporary structures at the 2019 Pan American Games, among others.

“I am an architect by profession, and my specialty is ephemeral architecture, which is not yet part of a curriculum in the country’s universities. My performance in this area has been to solve the needs of spaces for events with metal structures for social and corporate events”he explained.

She has had the responsibility of supervising structures for national and international productions of top-level shows and concerts, such as the staging of the historic Rolling Stones concert in Lima; he also executed the structures for various versions of the renowned Vivo x el Rock festival, with two stages side by side.

He indicated that the purpose of the architect in these events is to provide security to the team and production of work and also to the investors. In addition, Josie spoke about her experience creating sets for successful television shows such as “Esto es Guerra”, “Combate” and “Yo soy”.

“The sets on television, for example: ‘Yo Soy’, ‘La Voz’, are temporary, and many of them have a grid of structures prepared to support all the lighting on the set. I had the opportunity to design for the different games in programs like ‘This is war’ and ‘Combat’ very tall multidirectional towers and structures ready to support even a car”he explained.


Before the pandemic, the professional commented that the work of the architectural structures was going through its best moment, due to the international musical events that took place in Peru, but With the arrival of COVID-19, he had to reinvent himself, since his business was the first to stop and has been the last to reactivate.

From erecting gigantic stages, the national need to build temporary hospitals was born to cope with the few beds in hospitals in Lima and regions.

“Having had the experience of seeing very large events, with many people, a lot of commitment, corporate events for 2,000 or 4,000 people, in different areas, me has served as the basis for managing temporary hospitals, where you have a time limit to deliver them”, referred

He added that one of the requirements for the execution of the projects was to complete them in a maximum time of two weeks. “There is no schedule there, the work was carried out day and night to reach the goal, because the need and the emergency were pressing, and our goal with the architect staff was to have the 100-bed hospital operational”he remembered.


Romani admitted that we live in a country that is still in search of equality, and therefore she has had to deal with uncomfortable looks when she was seen as the head of some important project, but that was not an impediment and she assured that your work and dedication are the best cover letter to demonstrate your professionalism.

“What has helped me along the way in this area has been discipline, perseverance and credibility. Many times there are no schedules, and I have had to stay up late or at dawn to finish the job, and many clients have finally appreciated that. Commitment to your work” narrowed down

“If I could say how I made my way in this world, it has been thanks to the effort, the dedication and the companies where I have been that gave me the opportunity to grow, starting from scratch and from the bottom”reaffirmed this woman who now works as Sales Manager at the renowned company RyT Arquitectos and whose work has made her an example of self-improvement and success.

Source: Elcomercio

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