EconomyUnemployment: The number of job seekers fell slightly in...

Unemployment: The number of job seekers fell slightly in October


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The number of job seekers registered in category A (i.e. no activity) fell 1% in October compared to September, with the number of unemployed people down by 30,500 to 3.092 million, according to data from the Labor Department on Friday. .

Taking into account reduced activity (categories B and C), the number of job seekers in France (excluding Mayotte) decreased by only 0.2% (-10,800) and amounted to 5.413 million, according to data from the statistics service of the Ministry of Labor (Dares). .

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For the year, the fall in category A is 9.6%. For categories A, B and C, it is 6.7%. Dares does not comment on monthly data, deeming it “too volatile” and preferring quarterly changes.

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The latest quarterly results, published at the end of October, showed stability in the third quarter compared to the second, at 3.164 million subscribers (-1,700 people). Stability was identical, including a decrease in activity (categories B and C Pôle Emploi) at 5.436 million (-1000 people).

In terms of long-term unemployment, the number of job seekers registered for a year or more decreased by 2.2% in the third quarter (-14.4% in one year) to 2.369 million (categories A, B and VS). The share of job seekers registered for a year or more reached 46.3% (-3.8 points per year).

Source: Le Parisien

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